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MMA Mixed Martial Arts Decagon without catwalk

$19 999.00
In stock
Product Details

You too can own a full size MMA cage! This FULL SIZE MMA decagon cage has 10 sides, and the distance from side to side is 25 feet (7.62m), the height of the fence is 6 feet (1.83m), and the decagon is 3 feet (90cm) high from the floor. A full skirt is included and made with black PVC and the cage mat cover is white PVC. All frames, fence and protection pads are black and included. Cage comes with two black steps and two entrances. This cage is the best available on the market and meets all unified MMA standards. Great for gyms, training centers, actual events, or even personal use! Catwalk and logos are optional items and not included in the price. Price does not include shipping.

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